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Quick facts


Adam Dallison

Place of birth

Surrey, England


University: B.S.c ( OST ) HONS, N.D 


Principle of Take My Pain Away has been involved with pain management for more then 18 years, having graduated from the British School of Osteopath in 1998. Adam is a registered medical practitioner with the General Osteopathic Council, British Osteopathic Association, and all leading insurance healthcare companies such as BUPA and PPP.

Adam has been called upon for his expert opinion by the Daily Mail and many other national publications relating to back pain and posture. While his innovative approach has lead to the invention of medical devices which have proven more effective in pain reduction for spinal fracture in osteoprosis then prescription pain killers.

At the beginning of Adams career he spent 4 years as part of a team in the countries most respected musculoskeletal clinic. Working in partnership with leading spinal surgeons, anesthetists, and chartered physiotherapists. The knowledge and treatment techniques that Adam gained in this exclusive environment are unique, with the benefits being directly passed on to the many patients and corporate clients he and his team see.

Previous to professional life, Adam was winning international and national titles as a cyclist. Adam was twice team pursuit champion, holding the national record and on the GB development team along side Sir Chris Hoy. Today, when Adam finds the time he still gets out on his bike, just a little bit more slowly.

Sporting knowledge and medical training has enabled Adam to help many professional athletes over the years with both pro active and re active treatments. Examples of this are his time spent with the Linda McCartney's professional cycling team, treating commonwealth and Olympic champions, Premiership footballers, and Olympic triathletes.

Adams clients aren't all professional athletes and have many and varied lifestyles. The one thing they do have in common is pain and the desire to receive the best quality of care.

The practitioners that have joined Adam all have their own story, but they have in common the belief that gentle and appropriate physical treatment is a fast and effective way of ridding the body of pain and injury.