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Lots can be done to help people suffering from arthritis.

We have expert knowledge in the correct diagnosis and treatment of arthritic conditions. Within our clinic we prefer to call these arthritic changes “wear and tear”. It sounds less frightening and self explanatory as to why the condition has arisen. Other words used to describe arthritis are; osteoarthritis, degeneration, and spondylosis.

The human body is mechanical, and arthritis can affect all the major weight bearing joints. The more a joint has been used during life, the more you can expect it to wear. Commonly the knees, hips, low back and neck.

Everybody knows of a friend or family member that has had a hip replacement, and everybody knows of another person who is waiting for one while suffering. We are here for these people. Take My Pain Away can make life far more comfortable while you are waiting surgery or if even if you are just living with arthritis and taking long term medication.

Just because there is arthritis in a joint, it doesn't mean it has to be painful. Having more then 17 years experience treating arthritic joints, we will be able to correctly diagnosis your condition and provide you with expert non invasive treatments to make life more mobile and comfortable.

Take My Pain Away provides expert non-invasive treatments to make life better.

Take My Pain Away. Excellence in treatment and prevention.