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Reduce Stress

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Here are some facts about stress:

  • Stress causes a reduction in our performance
  • Stress along with back pain is the biggest cause for absenteeism in the work place
  • Stress is one of the major factors associated with heart attacks and strokes
  • Stress will place havoc with every functioning system within the human body
  • Stress is associated with mental health problems, in particular, anxiety and depression
  • There are now suggestions of links between stress and cancer
  • Stress has been found to damage the immune system
  • Stress on the other hand keeps us alert and ready for action, but as we have already stated too much and things start to go wrong. 

Take My Pain Away has over the last 18 years worked closely with clients, medical practitioners and stress therapists to develop a unique combination treatment to help clients reduce the physical effects of stress. We are able to offer these specific personally tailored treatments at our clinics in New Malden, Epsom and to corporate clients. 

Every client will have a different story behind why they are suffering from stress, whether it is work, relationship, or financial, we are here to listen to you and provide you with relief.

Take My Pain Away. Excellence in treatment and prevention.