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Mid Back Pain

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The thoracic vertebra, like the rest of the spinal column provides protection for the nerves of your spine and your spinal cord.

Pain in the mid-back is most commonly caused by injury or irritation to the muscles and connective tissues.  This can happen because of improper rehabilitation from a prior injury, poor posture, stress, exercise, and long hours spent sitting at computers. 

A more serious mid-back condition can occur when the spinal bones become misaligned, leading to muscle strain, spasm and nerve dysfunction.  

Articulation, acupuncture, muscle lengthening techniques, and spinal manipulation, performed by us relieve your thoracic pain and solve its underlying cause. 

We provide expert care, improvement of posture, and, when necessary exercises.   Take My Pain Away will work with you to reduce muscle strains and spasms, improve exercise habits, and return you to a pain-free active lifestyle.

Take My Pain Away. Excellence in treatment and prevention.